Benefits For Artists


At Carousel Art Group, we provide a friendly environment in which artists from all over the world can get to share their artwork with various types of businesses and individuals, respectively. You create, and we’ll take care in marketing and selling your work. From shipping, insurance and legal contracts, we got you covered. Read on to learn more about the many benefits that Carousel Art Group provides to its members and artists.

Exposure For Your Art

Our company offers artists from various artistic backgrounds the opportunity to get exposure in a high number of settings through our three gallery locations, art fairs, private exhibitions, hotels, luxury staging and international client network.

We Take Care Of Logistics

Coming from families of artists ourselves, we understand the intricacy and detail that comes with the art creating process. Time is valuable, and every detail matters. At Carousel Art Group, we value your time and work as artists, and for this reason, we make sure to take care of all logistics. You create, and we will take care of the rest, so that you can have a stress-free work environment in which you can focus on what you love to do.

Become Part Of A Greater Cause

At Carousel Art, we are more than the middleman. We aim to be the best art service provider that there is out there, while also making sure to care for our communities. Our team will be working with a broad array of charity organizations, which grants you the opportunity as an artist to become part of a greater cause, and show the world what you stand for not only as an artist but as a global citizen as well.

Who we are

At Carousel Art Group, we are an art service firm that offers a friendly platform to make art buying fun and easy for businesses and private collectors. We partner with global artists whose work is listed on our digital art catalog. Artists get the opportunity to offer their original works, as well as limited edition prints that Carousel Art Group produces, available for lease and sale.

Why we do it

We understand what it means to be an artist. It is for this reason that we built a platform to help artists share their work with the world in a comfortable, secure, and stress-free manner. Buying, selling, and renting art has never been easier. We include various types of art from all over the world, creating a diverse and unique platform. Contact us today and embark with us on this journey of creative discovery.


Promote your art and build brand awareness by getting exposure to a wide variety of clients looking to discover art pieces just like yours. We take care of all the logistics for you so that you can use your time to do what you love. We also work with various charity organizations, giving you the opportunity as artists to become part of a greater cause. Last but not least, we only make money if you make money!


At Carousel Art Group, we strive to be more than the middleman. Our mission is to be a top-notch art service provider that cares for its clientsartists, and community. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits that we provide to our members and artists, and to find out more about what we can do for you.

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