“Art is all about feelings..” – Zabel


Zabel is a major young, emerging talent born and raised in the French suburbs of Quebec, Canada. She has an easily identifiable romantic “urban chic” contemporary style. Her style is inspired by many currents, making her work so unique. Zabel’s spatula art is a mix of cubism, pop art, comics, urban, impressionist, abstract and contemporary romantic renaissance. She creates her own style that seduces anybody looking in.

Using only spatulas, every pieces of her story is full of emotions and energy that you can feel and touch. She plays with a strong and vast color palette and creates different ambiances. Her inspiration is never ending… From Chic and glamour style using gold and silver, to summer vibes using neon colors, you can feel every trip she took from her art.

For several years, the work of Zabel seduced Quebecers from across the province, earning her several awards. Zabel’s pieces are now catching the eyes of collectors from all over the world and this love story seams to only be the beginning.