William Montgomery



Artists have always struggled with originality, color, space, design and reason. Like scientists, artists study materials and tradition to turn abstract information into concise works of art.
The work I produce reflects the personal marriage I have made between abstract painting and the sophisticated devices of digital technology with the subjective, intuitive, impulses of Abstract Expressionism. This offers me a strong and powerful connection between both worlds. I work at a subliminal level, thereby letting the sensate immediacy of textures and forms guide me. The random relationships created on the iPad with a palette of applications allows me to do this anywhere at any time.
I was raised by art historians, Charles and Florence Montgomery, who imbued my childhood with the wonders of art. They provided experiences and exposures to both the history and the current trends in architecture and the decorative arts of painting and sculpture around the world. Of the many books and exhibits I saw, the international abstract exhibition at the Hague at the age of fourteen defined my life’s direction. The power of the work ignited an inspiration and sent me on the road to becoming an abstract artist.
Now decades later, with a large collection of digital art and paintings, and with insights gained by creating abstract images using cutting edge technology for thirty years, I have come full circle and returned to painting full time. Having a professional gallery and studio for painting and building new works has empowered me with purpose and vigor.
William Phelps Montgomery