Tos Kostermans


“In most of my work, women must be regarded at the center stage. I appreciate the her for her power and vulnerability. These characteristics are captured in detailed in my hyper realistic paintings, which are acrylic and oil painted.”


Tos Kostermans, a Dutch painter. He first became a designer and photographer and made many album designs for record companies. Album sleeves were made for Grace Jones, Steve Winwood, Roxy Music, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston and many more pop-artists.

At the end of the eighties he started to paint more. He began by painting in an impressionist style which later became more realistic.
Now he paints near photographically realistic paintings with a impressionistic touch.

Tos became internationally famous because of the ‘Bold & Beautiful’paintings. Those paintings show the hilarity of the world about money, power and fame.

In the past, Tos exhibits all over the world: London, Zurich, Netherlands –Maastricht (Tefaf Art Fair), USA Miami (Basel Art Fair) and Atlanta Georgia, Spain – Marbella, South Africa – Capetown and many more places.
His most important exhibition was in 2017 at the ‘Hermitage’ in Amsterdam. One of his great family portraits was shown at the exhibition‘Portrait gallery of the Golden Age’. His painting was displayed togetherwith paintings from Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals, Govert Flinck and many more important art painters of the Golden Age.

Carousel Art Group sells a limited edition of only 6 paintings per design. They all come with a certificate of authenticity. Each pieces is made on Hanemüler Canvas, painted with acrylic paint and wrapped around an Aluminium/Wooden frame.

Every pieces is provided with 4 layers of UV-resistant varnish. Only high quality products are used.