Helene Ambrogiani


“After studying at the Fine Arts of Marseille and then at the University of Aix-En-Provence of which I am originally from; It was obvious to dedicate my life to my Art.
Provence flows into my veins and I like to paint it in all its glory!
I started drawing before I even walked. My Baby’s crib, which I still have; is covered with engravings that I made. I draw as I breath. It is an obsession.
My Father taught me to see life through his painter’s eyes. Afterwards, watching him working in his Atelier; he taught me the Forms, Colors and Light. Transcribe with your soul what you feel.
He used to say :”Life is color because everything is color. Life was created in color. You have to see and express it …”


The history of art is rich in the dynasties of painters: grandfather to father, father to son, the examples are numerous.

It is nevertheless rare to see a woman emerge from a great line of male painters: this is the case of Hélène Ambrogiani.

Daughter of Pascal, niece of Pierre and Toussaint, she is a full-fledged AMBROGIANI, and, if her physical appearance borrows nothing from virility, the vigor of her drawing, the power of her palette and the impetus of her flattened ribbons of black have nothing to envy her mentors.

Brilliant muse of the Beaux-arts de Marseille, where she was born, she says she has learned that Pascal Ambrogiani, her father, who bequeathed her light and the microscopic world of major female painters.

Thanks to the power of the compositions of this outstanding colorist the AMBROGIANI school is more than ever alive … but today, it is called HELENE