Art For Interior Designers and Decorators



At Carousel Art Group, we provide global interior designers with the opportunity to discover new art pieces available for customization. Our vast collection of art features varied types of work across many mediums including photographs, lithographs, hyperrealism paintings, and so much more. No matter the industry or application, we can customize any work of art that you choose from our digital gallery to suit your vision. Contact us, and we will connect you with the relevant curators to find you the perfect art piece for the ideal space in the appropriate measurements. We offer wall art that can be created in any size and on any medium. Our art prints are manufactured in Germany using top of the notch materials and processes, to ensure that the artist’s work is reflected in its entirety.


Are you looking for exclusive art to decorate the interior of your yacht? Perhaps you are an interior designer who is looking for inspiration for a yacht interior. Land, air, or sea, we have you covered. Whatever your need, at Carousel Art Group, you can rest assured that you will get unique, high-quality art prints quickly and stress-free. We offer a large variety of art pieces and styles to choose from that can be customized to fit your exact proportions and measurements. If you see an art piece that you like for your yacht’s interior, we can manufacture it in any shape, including but not limited to round, rectangular, or square. We can also produce the art print on a variety of mediums, such as plexiglass or paper. If you reside in the Miami area, we would be more than happy to meet you and showcase art pieces for you by offering art samples. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you here at Carousel Art Group – the possibilities are endless.


At Carousel Art Group, we strive to be more than the middleman. Our mission is to be a top-notch art service provider that cares for its clientsartists, and community. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits that we provide to our members and artists, and to find out more about what we can do for you.

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